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Laurel Lamperd - Writer
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The Battle for Boodicuttup Creek
Wind from Danyari
Crossroads at Isca
Murder Among the Roses
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The Ink Drinkers
Favorite Links
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Substitute Bride

Here are some sites, which I find interesting.

The publisher who published my books, Substitute Bride and Wind from Danyari

The workshop whose writers have helped and encouraged me immeasurably with my writing.

Sue Clennell, a writer friend.

Wendy Laharnar, a writer friend.

A local writing group of which I am a member

A group which edits first chapters of novels and short stories

You Write On published my book, The Battle of Boodicuttup Creek

An excellent site for readers and writers owned by the writer, Angela Verdenius

Carole Sutton, author who writes murder mysteries.

Sandra I Smith - Fiction writer

Author - Erotica