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Toxic Bloom


We saw the ibis

rise above the marshes

soaring in formation

towards the sun.


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three flowers of spring

the Chinese said

symbols of new life

new beginnings.


They ate plums

the deep wine fruit

oozing upon the lips.

She carried daffodils

dripping with bridal creeper.

He wore a pink camellia

in his lapel.


When winter struck

baring the branches of the plum

he was living with a divorcee

in Joondalup.

She had gone home to mother.


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1960 – 1999


1960 – The bay curved around the coast

like a crescent moon

where my mother and father fished

while we

paddled in the water.


Around the bay

the bush hugged the sand dunes.

We dived into the sea

chasing the sea-stars

from their hiding places

while the white faced heron watched.


1999 – At night

the lights of tankers

twinkle in reply to the lights

thickly ringing the bay.


A wind comes from the south

filling the senses

with pristine sea and white ice.

The waves roll in

hiding the conduit

transferring land waste to the sea.


My children go wet suited

to search the sea of my childhood.

They return.

The sea-stars have vanished

from the rocks under the sea

and the white-faced heron

has gone from the shore.








Toxic Bloom

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