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Crossroads at Isca

Published by You Write On.

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The story of two British girls in the time of the Roman conquest of Britain. 

The Romans haven’t quite conquered Britain. Hadrian’s Wall is built in the north to keep the barbarians out. The Romans have made war on the Druids and unruly tribes in the south.  

Within the civilization the Romans brought with them, women are still subservient.   

Two British girls aspire to find their way among the obstacles thrown in their way.  

Poet and musician, Faine, was attracted to the young Roman tribune, Titus Antoninus.  

All Marella her cousin wanted was to dance. She was determined to use Tribune Lucius Acilius to further her ambitions. 

But first Faine and Marella have to overcome the plans of their uncle, Ceomin, chieftain of a British hillfort, who plots to use his nieces for his own ambitions.

Read Chapter One on Crossroads at Isca


Crossroads at Isca



Seven Beats a Second - a book of modern thought provoking poetry by Allen Itz with artwork by Vincent Martinez is a beautiful book. com

 March Calamity's Corner is available for download. Read about US Illustrator, Pam Phillips, and author, Rosalie Skinner's trekking in the Snowy Mountains. Contact

Free Read. Short Story.

Ways of Love by Laurel Lamperd
Sweet Contempory Romance

Beth Herrick had looked after her parents. She had given up on love, then dashing Rob Garfield, mining engineer, arrived and wanted to carry her off to the wilds of Canada. Her siblings didn't think this a good idea, but they didn't plan for young Christopher's strategies.

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The discovery of an injured cormorant at the Boodicuttup Creek was a special event for Leanna, Shane and Mitch.

They were shocked when old Charlie Buckle employed Jem Gasper to dam the creek where the cormorant and other birds live.

Read how the children try to enlist the people in the town to prevent the dam.

Will Uncle Rolly’s bullroarer and a mysterious Great Goanna be of help or hindrance to their efforts to save the creek?

And how will Shane and Mitch avoid a fight with the Gasper boys?

Suitable for 7 - 11 year old children


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The Substitute Brde

Miss Emma Napier accompanies her friend Abby on a hair brained scheme to London to avoid Abby being married off to a man she does not wish to be with. On their trip they make a stop for the night, and Emma finds herself forced into a marriage to help a man gain his inheritance. She keeps the marriage a secret and waits for the promised annulment.

The Japanese Grandmother

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The Japanese Grandmother

Thirty short stories and poetry

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Danyari is in Australia. A very large rock formation held in revere by the Aborigines. It also serves as a setting for an excellent book entitled Wind from Danyari which has been around for a little while but hasn't been heard about.
Read the rest of this review from Manic Readers on the Wind from Danyari page.

$10 posted in Australia. See 'contact me'.

The Ink Drinkers is a hundred pages of poetry and short stories by Laurel Lamperd and Sue Clennell.
Laurel Lamperd's story 'The Wolf and the Riding Hoods' is a parable coached in folkloric style. Its simple style is engaging, reminiscent of stories heard in childhood, and just as laden with meaning.
Sue Clennell's "When Rabbits were Sixpence' is a breathless vignette that encapsulates - like a black and white movie that reels faster than life - the workaday misery of pre-Depression days. Rosanne Dingli.

Coming of Age published in the anthology - Romance of My Dreams

Run of the White Witch, short story in anthology, Mysteries, Dreams Darkness,



A Cat Named Ginger - short story published in Cats in a Dreamspell anthology.


On Dark Afternoons


Tampa Legacy

 in Here and Now


Poem Waterlilies accepted to be published in the fall, 2010


Poem Toxic Bloom published on


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Wind from Danyari chosen as a PNR Recommended Read for 2009